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An erotic sex game for adults “” that will help you explore more intense sexual pleasures with each others. Show your partner a new, unexpected side of yourself and get to know each other to a new level. Try something you have never done before and build up your trust both physically and spiritually.

Game features

Game for two

An erotic game online that will introduce pleasures to both parties in the relationship. Introducing challenging tasks for both players.

Take turns

The man and the woman will have to perform the sexual tasks that will be presented to them in turn, one at the time.

Levels of tasks

There are three different levels of tasks in this game. The game will automatically escalate into more exciting and challenging tasks. Ensuring an increase in the pleasure.

Penalties for skipping

A player may skip a task by clicking the button (“M” or “F”). The player skipping a task will receive a punishment.


A timer is available for those tasks that depends on it. To pass certain tasks, you must do something for an amount of time, explained in the task.

Game settings

In the settings, you may select tasks that are suitable for you. According to their content, they are sorted into different types. A basic category is selected by default. It is recommended to expand this list with things you find exciting.

Many tasks

There are over 600 tasks that are available to players. All tasks are in their respective category.

Own tasks

Players may also add their own tasks in the game.


You will receive a unique code that will allow you to continue the game later. All your game settings will be kept.

Game interface

Settings game

Settings game

Addition tasks

Addition tasks

Green task

Green task

Orange task

Orange task

Red task

Red task

Punishment for skip

Punishment for skip

  • Excitation
  • More 150 tasks
  • sex
  • More 200 tasks


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